Ohio Electoral Fraud

No Right Turn highlights the convictions of two election workers in Ohio for trying to avoid a re-count by pre-selecting “good” ballots for a random check.

It is important to put into context that the discrepancy here was 20 votes in a state won by 118,000. This is not a Florida.

Some people try to paint this as a Republican issue, but those who recall the 1960 election know better.

The problem isn’t Republicans running elections or Democrats running elections but having any politicians running elections.

The has many strengths, but one of its weaknesses is the lack of a neutral elections service, and indeed to some degree the lack of a neutral wider public service.

The problem though is not easily solved. The US is a Federation, and it has a constitution. The US Government can not just set up a federal elections service. Elections, even to federal office, are conducted by the States.

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