Field to continue on full pay

Labour have indicated that even if Taito Phillip Field is charged, they will still continue to use his vote in Parliament and he will continue on full pay.

As ACT showed with Donna Awatere-Huata, a caucus can take action to expel an MP for misbehaviour regardless of criminal charges. The standard for retaining the trust of your colleagues should be a hell of a lot higher than “has not yet been sent to prison”. There is plenty of evidence upon which to conclude his behaviour has been inappropriate. The PM has even labelled it unethical and the EPMU concludes he is unfit for re-selection.

Yet are willing to remain propped up by an unethical MP they would not re-select.. What sort of standard is that? About as low as one can go.

The irony is that Labour are praying he will be charged (hence why political sources are l;eaking that way). This means they can keep taking his proxy vote throughout the trial and up until sentence, which might not be until after the election. They can keep claiming they are unable to act before the trial (which is totally false).

But if he is not charged then Labour will have to make a very quick decision on whether to allow Field to resume his duties or to exclude him from Caucus.

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