I’m with Trevor on this one

The NZ Heralds reports on the TV3 scoop that the Government looks set to reject the $385 million Eden Park redevelopment plan for a $50 to $100 million minor upgrade and addition of temporary seating.

On the surface of it, I’d have to say Mallard may be right on this issue. If we can meet our world cup obligations and save the taxpayer around $300 million then I’m in favour. My only hestitation is the knowledge the bastards won’t actually give us any of our money back but find something else to splurge it on. But it might be something useful like a new road!

The sad reality is a permament 60,000 seat stadium at Eden Park won’t get the patronage it needs. The location is sub-standard.

A waterfront stadium with 60,000 seats might be sustainable, as might one at Carlaw Park. But neither of these options are viable in the time provided and are no longer options. In fact even Eden Park is approaching deadlines for it to be ready in time, so the Government should make its decision as soon as possible.

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