Tolerance vs Respect

Simon Collins reports in the NZ Herald that in the debate over the draft National Statement on Religious Diversity, some non-Christian religions want more than “tolerance” of their faiths, but respect.

I would fight tooth and nail against that. Tolerance is exactly the right word. You earn respect, you don’t demand it, and to be honest the state has no business trying to tell me I should respect some or all religions.

I do not respect the Church of Scientology for example. I think they are mostly fruit loops. So why should I have to respect them. I suspect the PM may not be that keen on respecting the Exclusive Brethren either. Actually I think she fails the tolerance test also 🙂

My fear over this draft statement is it will end up being an attack on free speech, and be used to shield religions from legitimate criticism. We should all keep a watching eye on where this goes.

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