Virtual Super 14 competition

Not the best of starting weeks. I got four out of seven results right, and two of those by the right margin. However I did not pick wins for the Highlanders, Brumbies or Reds.

I’m ranked 31,847 out of 143,733 or so – with 26 points.

No one scored a perfect 56, but 11 people scored 53.

For the bloggers challenge, the top three placed are:

Noizyboy – 37 – 2,305th place
aklr@large – 36 – 4,249th place
nzrckstr – 34 – 4,499th place

Of the 61 in the challenge I am in 15th= place.

The challenge is “NZ Bloggers” and password to join “dpf”.

The top two rugbyheads were Grant Nisbett and Melodie Robinson.

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