Not guilty for ex cops – again

Not Guilty verdicts have been delivered for Assistant Police Commissioner Clint Rickards and former policemen Brad Shipton and Bob Schollum in their sex abuse

Based on the media reporting of the case, I always thought Rickards would not be found guilty as the evidence was so thin and his leg injury enough to make reasonable doubt. I did think the other two were facing a much harder time of it, and somewhat surprised they were found not guilty. But not being in the court room, means we only get to judge based on what highlights the media report. I’d be interested to see some media analysis of how the defence won.

Regardless of the criminal proceedings, the trials showed a very disturbing pattern of behaviour for those police officers. I will be surprised if Rickards is allowed to return to his previous role, but it may be expensive to pay him out.

I also presume that in the near future certain suppression orders will now be lifted. Now that I think many people in NZ are unaware of the suppressed information. Regardless though please do not break the suppression orders on this blog, in the comments.

UPDATE: The suppression orders are toast. The NZ Herald has details. I’d be interested to hear from people in comments if they had previously heard that Shipton and Schollum had already been convicted of rape in 2005.

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