I give Kiwis a bad name!

Claire Swinney thinks I give Kiwis a bad name because I am part of the conspiracy covering up how the Sep 11 attacks were actually staged by the US Government.

Please do go and read what she says. No charge for the enjoyment.

Here’s some of my favourite quotes:

In a shameless and crude attempt to shield the public from the facts surrounding government-sponsored terror, , as he refers to himself, dishes out lies, like a trainee chef at a provincial polytechnic.

Oh, not just any polytechnic, but a provincial polytechnic. Just so long as it isn’t Wanganui!

This puerile content is essentially comprised of techniques one would expect to find in a beginners’ guide to disinformation from a CIA handbook for the paid-off media.

Actually my CIA disinformation handbook is getting out of date. Could Claire send me the latest copy. Oh and General Hayden, you’re getting tardy with the payments. And remember to make them in Euros so it doesn’t look suspicious.

There are so many whistleblowers and so much hard scientific evidence that’s freely available to demonstrate that 9/11 was the work of criminal elements in the US government, that Farrar is as conspicuous as a streaker at a rugby game as a propagandist –nothing more, nothing less

I am sure I speak for everyone when I say the words “Farrar” and “streaker” should not be used in the same sentence.

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