Not fully human

One can only be amused at the pseudo-research of submitters on the ban bill, which found opponents are more likely to see children as not fully human.

No Virginia, they just see children as not fully adult. There is a difference.

But I love how they breathlessly find that some opponents have said some children can not be reasoned with. Have these people ever met a four year old???

You finally know you need to laugh or cry, when they manage to fit a reference to the evils of colonisation into their research – suggesting it is a parallel to those human denying advocates.

But hey here is a challenge for those back the research that a child is fully rational and competent. Start demonstrating this in your own home. If you have three kids, turn over 60% of your to them to spend as they wish. You and your partner get only 20% each. Please let know how much money your four year old decides to spend on the mortgage and as opposed to ice cream.

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