Now that is utu

I blogged a few weeks back about how the incredibly petty behaviour of the Florida State University Professors in refusing a honorary degree to former Governor Jeb Bush was so bad, the Student Senate voted unanimously to honour him for his contributions to the university.

I remind people that Jeb Bush, unlike his brother, retired with huge approval ratings for his two terms as Florida Governor. Anyway back to the story …

A committee of the Florida Parliament has amended an education bill to rename the University of Florida’s education school as the “Jeb Bush College of Education.

That is effing hilarious. I can just see some of the Professors near suicidal with grief. The resolution even requires them to erect “suitable markers” noting the college’s new name and include the revised name in all university documents.

In theory I don’t approve of legislators doing stunts like this, but in this particular case it is so delicious that I love it.

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