Parliament Register of Interests

The has published the latest Register of Pecuniary Interests of Members of Parliament.

It's 64 pages so here are some of the more interesting entries:

, who set up Kiwibank in protest against foreign owned banks, is a share holder in the Commonwealth Bank of Australia. So he invests our money in Kiwibank and his own in the foreign one.

Gerry Brownlee was hosted by the International Division of the Chinese Communist Party.

Helen Clark has a townhouse in Wellington. Why? It is not listed as an investment property like her one in Rodney.

Taito Phillip Field has eight properties, and eleven sections.

has a beneficial interest in seven trusts, six of them named Guy!

John Key owns a gold mine (okay, well part of one)

Winston attended the World Cup soccer final.

Eric Roy was gifted a Coopworth – number 5069

Heather Roy donated her army salary to the RSA

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