Virtual Super 14 Week Nine

The official scores are not updated yet, but not a bad week for me. I got five of the six games with the right result, and three of the five with the right margin also. So a total of 34/48 points for me.

The only wrong result was the Brumbies beating the Lions The Crusaders and Blues also let me down a bit by having small winning margins. In fact not a single game this week had a win by over 12.

I’ll update rankings later, when they are available.

UPDATE: Yay, up 8,403 places globally to 39,415 out of 155.246.

Welly Girl got a hugely impressive 48/48 and Span and Amanda commendable 42/48. Overall in the NZ challenge I am 35=/90. Brian Burgess leads on 265 and Jeremy GH maintains 2nd with 253.

The global is on 300 points.

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