Business Book Title Competition

Fronde CEO Jim Donovan blogged a few days ago about how almost anything, no matter how stupid, can be made into a business book title such as “Management secrets of the Carmelite Nuns”.

He started thinking about Kiwi variants and came up with:
* The Jerry Collins guide to ambush marketing
* Building a global brand on a limited budget, by Nicole Begg
And I contributed:
* How to build a business on belief by Brian Tamaki
* Climbing to the Top in Business by Ed Hillary
* The importance of working in unison by the Ever-Swindells

Anyway this has prompted Jim to start a competition for the best Kiwi business book title. Head over there with your suggested titles. The winner gets public acclaim and some beers with Jim. Entries close on Friday evening. Just keep it clean as his is a nice business blog!

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