Hinchcliff challenges Hubbard

Dick Hubbard was the de facto candidate of the left last local body elections. But his performance has been so abysmal, that people have realisedthat almost anyone who challenged Hubbard would beat him, and if there is no leftwing candidate, the city would have a centre-right Mayor again.

So it is no surprise that Labour Councillor John Hinchcliff has announced he is standing for Mayor.

What will be interesting is who else stands. Hinchcliff would probably beat Hubbard one on one but he is tainted by being on the Council which has angered so many Aucklanders with massive rate rises, backing the unwanted stadium, not sorting our Transport, and the billboard ban. Plus as Hubbard points out, Hinchcliff is the Chair of the dysfunctional Selwyn College which will be used against him.

Steve Crow is standing also, which will make it an even more interesting campaign than normal.

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