Now Peter is sulking

First we had the Greens sulking at the influence of United Future beign greater than the Greens, despite three times the MPs.

Now Peter Dunne is sulking because Labour keeps flirting with the Greens and National is trying to seduce the Maori Party ahead of United Future.

Peter’s problem is that in political terms, he is an easy lay.

Now I don’t mean this as a bad thing. Peter is a very good guy, who is always a safe and competent Minister, and he doesn’t go troppo like Winston does. But it does mean both major parties do tend tio take him for granted.

We may be about to see a more frigid United Future as they struggle for profile and relevance. Already Peter has started to publicly push for personal tax cuts in 2008 – something which would get any other Minister sacked. It may be interesting to see how far he will push. Not that it matters for tax cuts – no one will believe election year tax cuts from Labour, after they broke their word and cancelled the last set of election year promised tax cuts.

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