Pathethic Peters

First of all we had the totally fictitious and invented conspiracy of powerful interests threatening the Securities Commission, which as I previously blogged was dismissed by the Chairwoman herself.

Now Peters is desperately trying to get above 5% in the polls by saying John Key was an apologist for Sir Michael Fay and David Richwhite.

Key’s crime is to reject stripping citizenship from the above gentleman as “a bit harsh”.

That of course is an under statement. Stripping citizenship from native born New Zealanders is not only “a bit harsh” but a breach of international law, specifically Article 15 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

So because John Key did not support breaking international human rights law to punish two men Winston does not like, he is an apologist for them.

Peters also calls former Chief Justice Sir Ronald Davison “corrupt’. Maybe the media could ask Peters to provide proof of this.

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