Garuda Air

I flew Garuda Air back in February, and blogged about how a few days later a Garuda aircraft of the same type crashed in Indonesia.

Last week the BBC reported that Garuda is banned from flying into the EU. I guess I should take the hint and stop flying Garuda. Not that it is my airline of choice, flying into Bali had limited options.

Currently in with a few hours before carrying onto Taiwan. Was pleasantly surprised to find a lounge invite and a note the seat next to me had been blocked off when I arrived in Auckland. I guess a friendly Singapore Air manager reads the blog!

Was great having the next seat spare, as I managed to sleep most of the flight (a rarity). And I loved having all the films, TV shows and games despite being class. I was about to set a world record on Break Out when we had to land.

The premier lounge in is great – they have two massage chairs – just what one needs after 11 hours flying. They also have a specialist foot massage machine – that one is actually quite painful!

One area always come tops though is the food in their lounges – you get proper meals. Here it is instant noodles in a cup.

My Forecast Fox (best plugin I have) tells me is is 31 degrees in Taiwan, and will be 32 degrees the next two days. It is nice to be escaping NZ winter for a week!

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