Pew Global Attitudes

The Briefing Room has a copy of the Pew Global Attitudes Survey.  It’s a poll taken in 47 countries and had 45,239 respondents.  Lots of interesting stats despite the fact they do not seem to realise there is a Pacific as well as Asia region:

  •  Satisfaction with life has risen 11% in Eastern Europe since 2002
  • In US and Western Europe a large majority think their children’s lives won’t be as good as their own, however in Eastern Europe , Middle East, Asia And Africa most think it will be better for their children.
  • India has highest satisfaction with family life at 94%
  • In Jordan those lacking money for food has dropped from 35% to 5%
  • Only 12%in China are unhappy with country’s direction compared to 71% in Japan
  • 59% of those in Venezuela are dissatisfied with how their country is going
  • 35% of those in Venezuela have to offer bribes to get government service
  • Concerns about immigration are now 64% in Italy, 32% in Germany, 40% in UK and 29% in France.
  • In the UK only 39% say religious leaders have a good impact on UK and 52% a bad impact.  In Africa 80% to 90% say they have a good impact.
  • Multinational companies are most seen as bad in Europe and the US (where they come from) and are mainly seen as good in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Middle East, Asia and especially Africa where they have 4:1 support
  • 46% of Jordanians name Iran as a threat to them
  • In South Korea 70% name Japan as a threat yet only 50% name North Korea.
  • Many African countries name al Qaeda as a major threat
  • In South Africa 57% name US as an ally and 41% name Zimbabwe as a threat
  • Those saying suicide bombings of civilians are never justified to protect Islam are 56% in Turkey, 6% in Palestine, 69% in Kuwait, 72% in Pakistan, 39% in Nigeria
  • The good news is the numbers saying suicide bombings are justified has fallen since 2002 by 40% in Lebanon, 24% in Pakistan, 20% in Jordan, and 16% in Indonesia.
  • Also support or confidence in Osama Bin Laden has fallen 36% in Jordan and 19% in Lebanon.  Still at 38% in Pakistan and 41% in Indonesia.
  • Hamas has 81% support in Bangladesh and 52% in Malaysia
  • Only 26% in Venezuela think Castro has been good for Cuba
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