The race for Auckland begins

The NZ Herald editorial says Auckland City has been guaranteed a mayoral campaign worthy of the name.

Few were surprised yesterday when John Banks announced he will stand against Dick Hubbard for the Mayoralty. And while not scientific, the Herald feedback is strongly in favour. In fact amusingly while most support Banks, the second favourite option is neither Banks non Hubbard, with almost no-one actually expressing support for Hubbard except for this hilarious comment:

While Dick Hubbard (or you or I) have flaws, he has been on a steep political learning curve but he has shown to be a man of consensus, reason and vision, particularly on sustainable transport and the environment of our city. I suspect many who criticise him are not Auckland voters. Dick certainly deserves at least a second term and may eventually be remembered as one of the great Auckland mayors, given the opportunity.

Consensus? From the Mayor who has tried to sack his Deputy Mayor three times? And failed three times.

Jordan Carter shows his close following of Auckland politics, with the headline:

Banks or Hucker? No Contest

Umm Jordan, it’s Hubbard not Hucker who is the Mayor. Well in theory anyway.

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