Latest Labour attack on Key

Labour’s latest press release on is below.  Not yet online, hence no link:


Senior Cabinet Minister has tabled in damning documents showing that is responsible for the collapse of Bridgecorp, and has called for him to resign his seat in Parliament.

“It all goes back to his days at when he was head of currency dealing.  He was appointed to the Foreign Exchange Advisory Committee of the New York Federal Reserve”.

“In 1998, another member of that committee was a Cyril Nathanson.  Mr Nathanson is now dead, but he had a son – Fred Nathanson”

“We have conclusive proof that Fred Nathanson in 2001 invested in  Bridgecorp.  Not only did he invest in Bridgecorp, he also once had dinner with one of the Directors.  We have a photo from the respected Inquirer newspaper in the States”

“This is the smoking gun which ties to the collapse of Bridgecorp.  It is disgraceful behaviour on the part of Mr and we believe he should personally reimburse every creditor of Bridgecorp’s and resign his seat in Parliament”


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