A new experience

Had a fun night out last night.  Started off with drinks at Welly Girl’s flat, along with G Girl, Pazmiewamzie and Molly May.  Had a nice bottle of Californian red.  One slight whoops as Welly Girl had mentioned to us she was moving into a new flat in around a month’s time.

Then later in the night the girls went out to get more drink, while I read old Salients.  Then her flatmates turned up.  Despite their surprise at who the hell is this guy sitting in our lounge, I explained my connections and got chatting with them.  The flat is near the CBD in a great location so I asked how long they had all been here etc, and then asked if they had found someone to replace WG once she moves to Karori.  There was a long pause, and then one of them goes “What do you mean she’s moving out – are you kidding me”.  At this point I think “Shit Farrar, you’ve put your foot in it again”.

In the end all worked out, as she had told the flatmate who had the lease, and hadn’t seen the others that day to tell them.  But you can imagine the awkard silence when they heard it from a complete stranger first!

We then headed into town to Bodega’s as a friend’s boyfriend’s band was competing there. Ran into quite a few people we knew so our group expanded.

Had my “virgin” experience with party pills, as a friend offered a “Frenzy”. Now I’m not into drugs.  I’ve never ever taken an illegal drug in my life.  But seeing the Government seems to think these things are so bad they must be banned, I figured I’d try one while they were legal. They advise not to take them with alcohol but I don’t think anyone takes that seriously.  I’d only been drinking wine but had had a bottle or so by then.

The pill had 100 mg of BZP and it does noticeably affect you.   Not a huge change, but enough to make you feel a bit of a high, more energetic, more adrenaline etc.  And a bit of a loss of judgement.  Nothing much more than if one had some more drinks really.  And oh yeah it does leave a hangover effect – not as bad as a real one, but longer lasting.

From what I can gather, the problem with party pills tends to be the same as the problem with alcohol – if you have too much you can get very very ill.  You should drink lots of water, make sure you have food in your stomach etc etc.

Not that anyone is stupid enough to try something, just because I have tried it, but one should check out the NZ Drug Foundation page on party pills. It is useful without being preachy.  A good thing with the group I was with, is that those of us who took some, were checked up on by the others on a regular basis just in case there was an adverse reaction.  But as I said, overall wasn’t anything particularly special.

Anyway after Bodega we went to Matterhorn briefly and then to JJ’s. I split around 2 am after we had lots of interesting conversations, some more nice wine thanks to Andrew Falloon and then a few games of pool upstairs.  Was a very good night all up.

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