Ali Reza Panah

I take a hardline view on illegal immigrants, fake refugee claims. I supported the expulsion of Danny Butler in the 1990s, that German couple in the same period, the Australian hardline stance on “economic refuguees” (which as actually worked – far far less attempts now), the expulsion of Ahmed Zaoui (on the grounds of the amnesty now in place in Algeria) etc etc.

The trouble with giving in to the emotional sight of a family on the TV news to stay, is that it provides the wrong incentives. It penalises those genuine refugees and asylum seekers who follow the correct procedure and provides incentives for people to game the system.

In the case of Ali Reza Panah, my view has been that his conversion to Christianity was fake and he should be deported.

But my God, 60 days on a hunger strike taking him to near is enough. As Michael Ellis says, it is time to give him the benefit of the doubt and let him stay.

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