Garner and Clark

A brilliant move by TV3 to have Linda Clark join Duncan Garner on their new breakfast TV show for a weekly politics discussion.  They both have a wicked sense of humour so will be great for that relaxed timeslot.

That’s enough reason for me to program it into the My Sky.

Of course I remain a fan of TVNZ’s Breakfast also.  Paul Henry’s sarcasm and irreverence is a deligh, and it seems I am not alone in thinking so.  Facebook has a Paul Henry Appreciation Party, with over 200 members.

Policies include:

  • altering free speech laws to make criticising Paul Henry illegal
  • adding NCEA Level 1 Paul Henry Studies as a compulsory requirement for University Entrance
  • shifting the celebration of Christmas to Paul Henry’s birthday as it is a more appropriate date to celebrate the birth of our Saviour

I think Pippa Wenzel should read out some of the policies and comments on the show!

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