Other WCC Wards

I’ve had a few people ask me to share my thoughts on the other Wellington City wards, after my main WCC post, so will do so below.

Northern Ward

  1. Robert Armstrong – experienced, hard worker, doesn’t grand stand
  2. Hayley Wain – a new face who has taken her role seriously and deserves a second term
  3. Ngaire Best – a former Councillor, strong community links, sensible
  4. Ian Hutchings – another former Councillor who would be an asset.  Very strong on financial management and useful engineering background.
  5. Roger Ellis – would be a good Councillor but competing with other candidates.  Useful business and community background. Former United Future board member.
  6. Jonathan Fletcher – no profile but has sensible outlook and policies
  7. Tane Woodley – demoted as he goes on about peak oil, otherwise looks ok
  8. Mike Collett – too parochial – only focused on his ward
  9. Jim Candiliotis – no policies
  10. Helene Ritchie – Was sacked by Labour as Deputy Mayor in 1980s, not got better since.

Onslow-Western Ward

  1. Andy Foster – Andy doesn’t need my help to get elected.  Most in his ward know him.  He’s involved in almost every major issue and works hard to get results.
  2. John Morrison – A sensible Councillor and even potential Mayor one day.  Passionate about sports and rec especially but also about keeping costs down.
  3. Jo Coughlan – Jo would be a great Councillor.  Vibrant, intelligent, positive about Wellington and with good business and community experience.  I went to Otago Uni with Jo and she is a great sort.
  4. Jack Ruben – A crusader for causes but not a team player
  5. Pauline Scott – Waffly bio, hard to work out what she would do or vote on.

Eastern Ward

  1. Ray Ahipene-Mercer – don’t agree with him on a few issues, but he is respected for his work, and his willingness to work as part of a team.
  2. Leonie Gill – not a high flyer, but well attuned to local issues.
  3. Ruth Gotlieb – had a good run in the past, but now on DHB also
  4. Rob Goulden – Rob’s policies are generally ones I agree with, but the real concern is his abaility to work with staff, the Mayor and other Councillors.  Rob would be higher if he hadn’t sued his own Council.
  5. Josie Bullock – gets marks for clear policies!
  6. Ian Macfarlane – is on the Executive of Grey Power
  7. Paul Bailey – unknown quantity

Southern Ward (2 spots)

  1.  Celia Wade-Brown – A Green Councillor but a good one.
  2. Rex Nairn- like his focus on accountability for expenditure and debt
  3. Ida Faiumu-Isa’ako – a strong community background
  4. Shelagh Noble – a town planner which can be both good and bad.somewhat wishy washy bio statement
  5. Bryan Pepperell – wants to keep penalising business, rates would skyrocket
  6. Bernie Harris – lots of buzz words, no specifics
  7. Lorraine Edwards -anti aquatic education centre
  8. John Robinson – also oppossed to the aquatic education centre

Community Boards

Won’t give rankings for them, but people who I think should get a high ranking are:

Tawa –  Ngaire Best, Graeme Sutton

Makara/Ohariu –  Andrew Falloon, Christine Grace, Ruth Paul

All just my views of course.  Any candidate who feels hard done by is welcome to make their case in the comments.

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