PC gone mad

A fine example of political corectness gone mad by our friends at VUWSA.

Salient has an article on Helen Lowry Hall, and there certainly are some valid concerns about the hostel.  However, this is not one of them:

Upon arriving to Helen Lowry there is a Bible waiting in every person’s room, she says. A 2006 resident who is of a different faith felt this was presumptuous and described it as “an invasion greeting you at your bedside.”

VUWSA Welfare Vice President Paul Brown says he is “very surprised by this” because “if a student wants a Bible in their room they can bring their own.” Brown says “this could be particularly offensive”, given the diverse range of students who attend Vic.

Having a bible in your room, is “particularly offensive”.  Jesus Christ.

Personally I think the practice is silly and would use my copy to provide me with a year’s supply of paper darts.  But to claims it is “particularly offensive” is gone mad.

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