My link to the terror plot

I was as surprised as anyone when Police executed their anti-terror raids on Monday. But I was even more surprised when the media named one of those arrested as Jamie Lockett, because by coincidence I had been speaking to him the day before on Sunday.  This is assuming there are not two men called Jamie Lockett in Auckland, of similiar age and both in the security arena.

Now my dealings with Lockett have been pretty mundane.  I mentioned a while back that I had been served with court papers asking me to reveal some IP addresses and e-mail addresses in an old thread.  Lockett was acting on behalf of the party making that court request and I have been so busy it hadn’t been my highest priority, so he had called me half a dozen times to check on progress.  Including last Friday and Sunday.

It appears that his phone has been monitored for some months, so I’m quite amused that the Police probably were listening in to his phone calls to me.

I don’t know Lockett besides the phone calls (all of which were cordial) so can’t really offer any opinion on his alleged involvement.  But it is a weird feeling to read that someone has been arrested on terrorism related charges, when you were on the phone to them just the day before.

Someone who does offer a bit more insight into things is Stephen Franks.  Stephen blogs on his last encounter with Tame Iti and how it was somewhat frosty and  threatening, which was a change from previous occasions.

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