Wainui on Mallard

There was a classic item on TV3 Nightline last night.  They decided to interview some locals in Wainui on what should happen to Trevor Mallard. Now thought it would just be supportive locals saying hey nothing wrong with a bit of biffo.

But the segment with the large Maori driver was just priceless.  It goes like this:

Duncan Garner: What should Helen Clark do to Trevor Mallard?

Wainui Driver: Well bro, everytime I’ve lifted a hand at somebody and whacked them, I’ve been arrested and handcuffed and taken in. Don’t know why he hasn’t been done.

Duncan Garner: Would you like to see him sacked from Cabinet, resign from Parliament?

Wainui Driver: I’d like to see him arrested just like old nigger boys

Duncan is going on about demotions, while the driver is saying arrest and handcuff the bastard, just like would happen to “ old nigger boys”. It was superb.

Incidentally a friend from Wainui (yes have them 🙂 ) knows the driver in question and says he is a great example of someone turning their lives around. He was a long term beneficiary with his share of legal problems used a grant to set up his own business, which is now very successful.  Good on him.

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