A good election party

A few of us had an election night party at Auckland Girl’s place.  We were originally planning some sort of drinking games around the results but the way the results came out made that difficult. Plus in the end a vodka shot per seat changing hands would have turned painful.

It was a good crowd, and we stayed with the election coverage until Kevin Rudd’s victory speech (which we got via the BBC as TVNZ had stopped by then).  Then at that point in time, Water Girl proposed we hit town and do Karaoke.  Sadly, by then we had drunk enough that this seemed a good idea.

So headed into town with Water Girl, Argie Girl and Court Girl.  Sadly with Steamboat’s demise we carried onto the K Club.  Once there I ran into a couple of mates of Clint Heine’s (wave to Clint), and then they were joined by some friends, including a member of this year’s VUWSA Exec who reminded me I had blogged about some of her extra-curricular activities.  I begged forgiveness as one can only do when less than sober.

We also had Andrew Falloon and a mate join us, so our little group ended up being a dozen or so.  Falloon and I had several dances together, which probably could form good blackmail photos for Andrew’s future political career.  I also had a few dances with other people!  I managed to avoid singing, but the girls made up for that with some very good vocals. Plus my singing is the only think that can make my dancing look good in comparison.

Got home a bit after 4 am and was amused that on the way home I managed to buy a copy of the SST as it was so late.  Got woken up at midday to both my home phone and cell phone ringing in tandem.  Not a pleasant sound.

But anyway was a damn good night.  Election night parties are always fun – no matter whether you win or lose, you have an excuse to have fun.

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