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One of the applications in is NZ Politics. You can choose a party you support, and then see all your friends support.  You get to choose whether or not your support is made public.

I have 4 friends supporting the Greens, 7 supporting , 12 supporting and 24 supporting National. A total of 363 votes have been cast.  Would be good to have others take the test.

Also a good Facebook app for political types is the Political Compass.  It asks you question and places you on both an economic right vs axis but also a social issues authoritarian.

59 of my friends have done the compass test.  Only two of them are more right wing on the economic front (damn you Bishop! :-)).  On social issue around 24 people are more sociallly liberal than me, and 35 more socially conservative.

13 people are economically right and socially conservative.  20 are economically left and socially liberal.  26 are economically right and socially liberal, while only one is economically left and socially conservative.

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