Santa and Falun Gong

There was a post yesterday on the Auckland City Vision blog, that I actually agreed with.  That’s noteworthy enough to blog!

They are calling on the Auckland Santa Parade organisers to allow the Falun Gong “Divine Land Marching Band” to take part.

I totally agree. I think it is disgraceful that we self censor ourselves to keep the PRC happy.

Now I wondered what the views of the C&R Councillors would be, especially as one of their own (Michael Barnett) is the Parade Chairman.

I was pleased to find that Aaron Bhatnagar had actually beaten City Vision to it, by blogging on Tuesday that he disagreed with his colleague, and explaining why.

In fact I have to give big kudos to Aaron for keeping the blog going, as a Councillor.  It’s a great way to be accountable, and also to educate people on the issues.  With the election itself over, it’s a great insight into the issues facing the Council – such as this post on what it means to keep rates increases down to inflation.

Also I did have a chuckle at his post showing off the billboards that the John Banks campaign thought up, but didn’t use.

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