ACC set to sue Affco for gang shooting in car park

NZPA reports that ACC won’t back down with Affco:

ACC and Affco became involved in a long-running battle after Joel Storey, 23, was left paralysed from the waist down from what appeared to be a gang shooting in the carpark of Affco’s Wairoa plant in April 2003.

State-owned workplace insurer ACC said the incident came under the umbrella of a workplace accident and billed the company for $1 million in compensation.

If a gang shooting after hours in a car park is now a workplace accident, then I guess employers are now responsible for all crime related injuries.  Let’s sue the car park buildings for any violence that happens within their premises.

Also let’s think about the responsibility of employers to minimise workplace accidents.  Now if this includes minimising the chance of a gang shooting in the car park, how can the employer  help prevent this?  I guess we need to allow Affco to have its own armed security guards.  Or maybe a guard tower with some snipers.

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