Over 150 last second amendments!!

Annette King has just tabled the Government SOPs to the Electoral Finance Bill.  I’m amazed by the quantity of the amendments – there are over 150 further amendments to the Bill.

MPs in an hour or so will start voting on the details of the Bill, and the Government has just landed 150 amendements on them.

Now remember this is not just any law – this is part of the constitution of New Zealand – the Electoral Act is arguably our most important democratic act.  And it is being patched up at the last second with scores of amendments that cut out the public from meaningful scrutiny.

Do you remember Helen claiming the Bill was great now it is out of select committee?  So great, it needs 150 amendments.

Could you imagine the outcry in most countries if suddenly one has 150 amendments to the constitution, a couple of hours before they get voted on?  Mickey Mouse is too generous a term for it.

I’ll blog the substance of some of the changes as I work through them.

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