A good electoral law fix

Kiri Allan announced:

The is introducing some amendments to the Electoral Amendment Bill to ensure greater transparency around political donations, in the wake of the New Zealand First Foundation High case.

The High Court recently determined a person receiving a donation must be involved in the “governance and management oversight of all the Party's affairs” for it to be considered a “party donation”.

As I blogged it was an appalling decision, and I am glad to see it is being appealed. But in case the decision stands, it is good to plug the loophole.

This paved the way for third parties not involved in the governance and management of a political party to receive donations for the benefit of the party without having to declare it.

“These amendments clear up any ambiguity about what a donation to a political party is intended to be,” Minister Kiri Allan said.

“The amendment clarifies that a party donation is when a person donates to a political party or any other person with the intention that the donation is for the benefit of the party.

Looks like a good change – makes the intent of the donor the key element.