PM popular in UK

Iain Dale’s blog is one of the most widely read in the UK. He’s a former staffer and candidate for the Tories, but takes an independent line which makes it a popular read from all sides.  However most readers would be Conservative.

Anyway he ran a competition asking readers to rate 13 world leaders from 1 to 10, and Helen Clark actually made the top half being in 6th place with a rating of 4.4.

The most favourite was Sarkozy, followed by Merkel.  Then Ireland’s Bertie Ahern and Canada’s Stephen Harper.

Both Clark and Rudd beat out George W Bush (and this is a conservative blosite poll!) and Vladimir Putin.

Could be a fun summer poll for Kiwiblog – get people to rate Rudd, Gordon Brown, Harper, Bush, Sarkozy and Merkel.   Not sure if enough NZers follow international politics enough to make it worthwhile.

Another option is to run our own Democratic and Republican primary.  I’m still backing Clinton on the Democratic side and Giuliani on the Republican side.

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