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I had a couple of journalists ask me last week, what I had against the Dominion Post, and how come I quoted the NZ Herald so much more than the Dom Post.  This surprised me as I have nothing against the Dom Post. In fact it is the newspaper I buy more often than any other.

I explained (and am repeating it here) that the main reason I quote the NZ Herald way more than any other newspaper is because their website retains the stories online permanently.  This means that any links from Kiwiblog to the story will remain intact. For this reason I will always choose to link to a NZ Herald story as first preference – purely because the links remains.

I have a near daily routine for the NZ newspapers.  My online browsing in order is:

  1. NZ Herald main page
  2. NZ Herald national news
  3. NZ Herald political news
  4. NZ Herald tech news
  5. NZ Herald opinion
  6. Stuff main page
  7. Stuff national news
  8. Stuff political news
  9. Stuff tech news
  10. Stuff/Press/main page
  11. Stuff/Press/opinion
  12. Stuff/Dom Post/main page
  13. Stuff/Dom Post/local news
  14. Stuff/Dom Post/opinion

Sunday is a lot easier:

  1. Herald on Sunday main page
  2. Herald on Sunday national news
  3. Herald on Sunday political news
  4. Herald on Sunday opinion
  5. Sunday News
  6. Sunday Star-Times main page
  7. Sunday Star-Times national news
  8. Sunday Star-Times opinion
  9. Sunday Star-Times focus

Again – this is due to permanency of links rather than any like or dislike of a newspaper.

I actually think all three major dailies are a good read, with good political coverage.

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