102 year old moving to NZ

My first reaction upon reading the NZPA story about a 102 year old moving to NZ was negative.  Immigration policy is usually not to allow people in who are no longer earning as they are a burden and cost to the taxpayer.

Then I read on about how he is married to a 87 year old NZ born wife, and of course that changes things – he has every right to move here with her.

And then even further on I read that he served in WWII as a Surgeon Commander on the aircraft carrier HMS Indomitable, and my view is he would be welcome to move here at any age, regardless of whether he is married to a Kiwi or not.

That would be a good policy.  That NZ will allow any veteran of WWII [well any Allied veteran :-)] to live in NZ, as gratitude to their service. We owe them so much.

Read the full story also about how they fell in love.  It’s charming.

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