A cool My Sky feature

As many will know am a devoted fan of My Sky. For a one off costs it transforms how you use and watch TV. The series link feature, plus the ability to fast forwards ad in eight seconds are great.

Most of what want to record (finding time to watch it is another issue) is on a series link. So I get both TV One and news each night etc. But around twice a week scan the seven main channels, the movie channels and the channel for interesting programmes that want to record.

Now yesterday noticed for the first time that at the very bottom of the screen of the channel guide page is an option for search programmes. And under that you have an option of seeing in alphabetical order all programmes for the upcoming week. You can filter it by type of channel and also by type of programme.

So I’ve used that for the first time and found some programmes didn’t even know were on. I didn’t even know there was a MTV entertainment channel.

Now all we need is a text searchable feature, and it will be perfect!

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