National US polls

Some are out. is support for candidates over the whole country.  A poll on 30 Dec had Clinton 20% ahead of Obama.  Gallup on 6 Jan has them in a tie.  Clinton has dropped 13%, Obama is up 7% and Edwards up 6%.  So a massive swing, but it does show Clinton is still competitive.

On the GOP side, Huckabee goes from 17% to 25% and leads nationally.  My God I he does not become the candidate.  I don’t think he will.

New Hampshire results out later today.  Almost beyond doubt Obama will win.  McCain is ahead in most polls, but one has shown him behind Romney.  Should be McCain but not as certain.

Huckabee is probably my bottom choice (amongst the serious candidates) on the GOP side.  On the Democratic side Edwards I can’t stand and would be my bottom pick amongst the big three.

Who would be your bottom picks for each race?

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