Whoar says Nandor to resign

Phil U at Whoar has blogged the following:

… that nandor will resign from parliament soon.. that the next person on the green party list..catherine delahunty… ..will also stand aside… and that the next person on the green party list..co-leader russell norman..will then take nandors’ place in parliament…

… (disclaimer:..i have known of this fact (of tanczos resigning) for some time now..

way back..i approached him..off the record..and asked if it was true..

he confirmed this..

and i have kept to the ‘off the record’..

’till now..

but when i..and others..are hearing the mechanics of the whole deal being dicussed openly..

..in many many circles..(not just at this party..)

and now this ‘public discussion’..

means to me..that it is on the public record..

(had i just ‘overheard’ this conversation..with no prior knowledge..i would also/still be reporting it to you..just with a tad less certainty..)

..and that ‘off the record’ pledges are now void..

so..in a nutshell..

nandor to resign from parliament..

and soon..!

Three points:

  1. I have no independent confirmation of this story. I am merely quoting what Phil U has said. Phil is a former activist and member of the Greens, I believe.
  2. Anyone reporting this should credit to to Whoar.
  3. The combination of overhearing it, and the alleged confirmation make it more credible.

The easiest way to resolve this will be for someone to ask the Greens.

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