When Democrats fight!

The Clinton vs Obama battle is getting personal. Look at these quotes from their debate:

Obama told the former first lady he was helping unemployed workers on the streets of Chicago when “you were a corporate lawyer sitting on the board at Wal-Mart.”

Moments later, Clinton said that she was fighting against misguided Republican policies “when you were practicing law and representing your contributor … in his slum landlord business in inner city Chicago.”

But there was a light moment, which was excellent:

Clinton and Edwards compared their records on helping to alleviate poverty, while Obama was asked if he agreed with the famed black novelist Toni Morrison who dubbed Bill Clinton “the first black president.”

Obama praised the former president’s “affinity” with black people but also drew laughs.

“I would have to investigate more of Bill’s dancing abilities and some of this other stuff before I accurately judge whether he was in fact a brother,” Obama said.

The delegate count for the Democrats is Clinton 236, Obama 149 and Edwards 50. But if you exclude the super delegates, Obama has picked up 38 delegates to 36 for Clinton.

Republicans has Romney 59, Huckabee 40 and McCain 36. Fred Thompson has pulled out and if Rudy doesn’t win Florida, he will be finished also.

Clinton is looking more likely at this point.  Obama should win South Carolina (10% ahead in polls), But Clinton is 19% ahead in Florida.  She won’t get delegates for Florida, but will give her momentum after losing South Carolina.

For Super Duper Tuesday, Clinton is ahead in the polls for California, New York and New Jersey.

The Republican outcome is much more difficult. Florida could go to McCain, Romney or Giuliani.  For Super Duper Tuesday, McCain is well ahead in California but Giuliani and McCain are both competitive in New York and New Jersey.

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