Analysing the Democratic Results

Obama has easily won North Carolina (as predicted) by 56% to 42%.  Indiana went for but only by 51% to 49%.

Clinton’s failure to win bigger in Indiana is increasing the pressure on her to pull out. But it is likely that the contest will go on for at least another month.

In North Carolina the exit poll has a huge differential by race.

White backed 62% to 37% and white Independents were 58% to 38%.  Obama however got 92% of Black Democrats.

The Indiana exit poll is also extreme. Of concern must be the fact that only 71% say they will vote for Obama if he is the candidate against McCain.

White in Indiana went 64% to 36% for Clinton.  Black Democrats were 91% for Obama.

Obama also won the “very liberal” vote by 62% to 38%. They only make up 14% of primary voters.

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