Who will take NZ First’s money

An interesting story in the NZ Herald about NZ First wanting to still find a charity which will take their $158,000 “donation” in lieu of them reimbursing the taxpayer.

Three charities have said they would also say no.  They are:

  • Cancer Society
  • Child Cancer Foundation
  • New Zealand Red Cross

Now these are arguably the three biggest charities in terms of getting donations from the public.  I suspect it is no coincidence that they have decided that they risk losing more money by accepting the “donation”, than refusing it.

I was chatting on radio about this, this morning.  I think it is risky for NZ First to continue to refuse to pay it to the taxpayer. His best chance of making 5% is by campaigning on issues like them getting 1,000 more police etc, not defending his decision to donate money owed to the taxpayer to charity.

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