An AFL test

The Herald reports the AFL has produced a DVD for their rugby players to teach them to have better attitudes towards women. And they even have a quiz for their players:

1 – You are called by a mate’s girlfriend into her bedroom because she thinks you are her boyfriend. Do you:

a – Go and hop into bed and pretend to be him.
b – Walk away.

Hmmn, they start with a really tough one.  No option to tell her who you really are, but persuade her to trade up, so (b) must be the answer.

2 – You are with a girl who has had too much to drink. Do you:

a – Get her some water.
b – Call her a taxi.
c – Take her back to your place for sex.

One could argue (d) – all of the above is an option.  Help her sober up. And then when she is sober, see if she is keen to take a taxi back to your place.

3 – A mate and his girlfriend are having sex. Do you:

a – Watch.
b – Not watch.

Well based on media stories, the average AFL player will ask about the “join in” option which seems to be missing.  Also the “video it on my cellphone and upload to You Yube” option is missed out.

Putting aside levity, it is great the AFL are trying to improve things – but really such simplistic leading questions are not going to do much except generate laughter.  The more detailed scenarios that (for example) Rape Crisis in NZ produce seem to me a far better product.

Jessica Wright in the Canberra Times suggests an additional section for aspiring WAGS:

When you meet a footballer in a bar, do you:

(a) climb over the next girl, using nails and heels, to get next to him?
(b) re-assess personal life goals in direct reference to how many said goals footballers have booted in the season, or
(c) check for possible similarities to current boyfriend’s features.

I am sure Cactus Kate will be unable to resist a post on this issue.  Go nag her to hurry up and do it.