Blog Bits on Waitangi Day

Not PC has a lengthy post on the Treaty of Waitangi, and how it is about property rights, not partnership. Well worth a read, even if you don’t agree.

Jimmy Jangles compares the positions of McCain, Clinton and Obama on free trade. My summary is McCain is a passionate supporter, Clinton is mildly supportive and fence sitting while Obama is against. It is a useful reminder that one can like Obama’s rhetoric but not like his policy positions. I love the quote from McCain:

“I don’t believe in walls. I believe in freedom. If I were President, I would negotiate a free trade agreement with almost any country willing to negotiate fairly with us. Only risks to the security of our vital interests or egregious offenses to our most cherished political values should disqualify a nation from entering into a free trade agreement with us.”

Poneke chats to Peter Ellis. I did laugh at Ellis’ sense of humour:

Every time I’ve met Ellis, he’s exhibited the sharp wit that has at times got him into trouble. This time was no exception. “When I started at the Civic in 1987, some parents were so PC that we had to call the girls little women, not little girls,” he said while reminiscing about his former workplace, which was regarded as the trendiest in Christchurch. Wealleans, whose wife worked at the Civic for years, mentioned putting a “don’t vote Labour” icon on the Peter Ellis website to protest at the Government’s lack of action on the case, such an icon likely breaching the Electoral Finance Act. “That’d be great, Winston,” Ellis said immediately. “You might find yourself sitting in jail with me having to visit you for a change.”

And on my suggestion of a blog campaign for a Royal Commission:

“I can’t even drive a car. Some people just aren’t mechanically minded. I’ve managed to wreck five lawnmowers and a washing machine. Imagine what I would do with a computer. Isn’t a blog like a bog with an ‘l’ in it? From what I’ve heard, some of these young girls today have blogs they use to flash their bits and pieces on. But yes, I don’t see why not. I have no objection to people supporting a royal commission with their blogs.”

Aaron Bhatnagar blogs on the Waiheke Island seccession movement.

Graeme Edgeler has a well timed post on the delegate count and how delegates are won in the US primaries.

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