Both party’s races get closer for Super Duper Tuesday

There are fascinating things happening with both parties for tomorrow’s primaries.

In the largest state – California, the last three polls (all completed yesterday) on Republicans have had a 38-38 tie, McCain ahead 39-36 and Romney ahead 40-32.  The Romney ahead poll is from Zogby which is not well regarded within the US polling industry, but regardless there is no doubt California is in play.

On the Democrat side, the last three polls are Obama 46-40, Obama 40-39, and Clinton 53-41. It could go either way.

The last two nationwide polls for the Democrats have Obama ahead 49-46 and 43-37.

A couple of people have suggested Wellingtonians copy the Aucklanders and find a nice bar (maybe the Backbencher) where one can follow the results and digest them over a few beers.  I’m not sure what bar would be good for this but if we did find one, how many people would be interested in coming along tomorrow afternoon?

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