Fox vs Horomia

Parekura Horomia will be worried at the news Derek Fox is seeking the Maori Party nomination for Ikaroa-Rawhiti.

In 1999 Derek Fox got 6,747 votes as an Independent – just 695 less than Parekura on 7,442.  And remember this was as an Independent.

In 2002, with no serious oppositon, Parekua got 11,192 and no one else over 1,000.

And last election in 2005, Horomia dropped to 9,502 and the Maori Party’s Atareta Poananga got 7,570.

A Marae-Digipoll in November 2007 had the Maori Party electorate support as 49% to 43% for Parekura.

The combination of Derek Fox and being the Maori Party candidate should combine to spell real trouble for Horomia. Of course nothing is certain and recent settlements in the area may help him survive.  The next poll there will be most interesting.

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