Jenny doing well

Karyn Scherer has a lengthy profile of my former boss, Jenny Shipley, in the NZ Herald.  Jenny has been very low profile since she retired from politics in 2002, and one can see why – she’s pretty damn busy in the commercial world.  While other former PMs generally pick up Government appointments, Jenny’s have all been in the business sector.  From what I can see she is:

  • Chair of Mainzeal (turnover NZ$400 million)
  • Director of Richina Pacific
  • Chair of Senior Money International
  • Director of Momentum
  • Director of China Construction Bank (turnover appears to be over US$20b, assets US$800b)

The China Construction Bank is the third largest in China with 300,000 employees and is rated by Asiaweek as the most profitable bank in China.  They are very demanding roles.
The whole article is quite fascinating – it sounds a great and varied life. Proof positive there can be a great life after politics.

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