Dad stole my girlfriend


The Dominion Post reports on an unhappy family.

18 year old Jacob Bowring was 18 year old Krystal Clark (above).  All fine.

But then Krystal traded Jacob in for his 45 year old father James (above). She is now expecting his child.

Jacob, understandably, was not too happy about this. So as his Dad drove by with Krystal (and Krystal’s 14 year old  female friend), Jacob yelled out that he was a paedophile.

Father James was not too happy about this, and as Jacob is too old to be smacked, chose instead to try and run him over. He chased Jacob down the street until Jacob hid behind a lamp-post.

Jacob got his father, James, arrested.  Now James already has four disqualified- driving convictions, so the Judge sentenced him to five months’ home detention, and alcohol counselling and 12 months’ loss of licence.

Only one small problem – his home detention is to be served out on his house-bus!!

So he can drive his house bus over his son, without breaching his home detention 🙂

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