Final Night in Delhi

I had a very enjoyable final night in Delhi – went out to dinner (on Valentine’s Day) with a couple of friends happened to be in Delhi on their honeymoon.

Personally sharing a first married Valentine’s Day with me isn’t what I call a honeymoon, but glad they did as it was a nice end to my brief stay in India.

We met at the hotel bar and tried to pick a good restaurant out of the Lonely Planet book, but then one of the staff suggestd we just walk 10 – 15 minutes down the road to a local market and mall which has some good restaurants.

So we did.  Now this proved to be somewhat dangerous as we had to cross several busy intersections.  They have no lights and the pedesterian crossings are just to help them with their aim, I am sure.  We finally just did a seris of sprints when there was a brief gap in the traffic.  Had some bloody close calls.

When we got there, I discovered prices in on clothing store was around 10% of that in the hotel.  So Maggie helped me buy some very nice women’s items (not not for me personally, for a friend) and we all ended up buying a few things.  And how is this for service – they altered Danyl’s trousers in 20 minutes and delivered them to him at the restaurant we were at – and no extra charge.

We were on an open air balcony which was nice as the evening was pleasant, and had pizza and pasta. After a week of curry I was glad for Italian.

Got back around 10 pm and had to be up at 5.30 am for the flight, so I the honeymooners ( are staying on for severla more weeks) and crashed.  Slept through the alarm but the hotel woke me up in person and made the flight. Am now in Singapore.

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