How stupid do they think we are?

From NZPA:

A spokeswoman for Miss Clark said the pair would not pose together for media, and their lack of contact was “just what happened” and had not been planned.

Oh yes, just a coincidence that you know the guest of honour didn’t even shake hands with the PM who was opening the building.  Can anyone think of a single comparable occassion where the presenter and the guest of honour don’t shake hands, let alone pose together for photos.

Now hell, if I was 9th floor I might have put Trevor onto bodyguard duties also.  Hopefully I would have picked someone more subtle, but regardless.  But please please don’t transparently lie about it, and say the lack of contact was not planned.  Just avoid the question rather than tell porkies.

The gallery do not like press  secretaries who tell porkies.  They may have a grudging respect for those who skillfully dodge, change the question, give an evasive answer, or even give a totally different answer to what the question was.  But never ever tell them a flat out lie.

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