Is this true?

Received the following e-mail:

A sky tech let slip that the free to air channels (tvnz, tv3 etc) are sending commands via their digital sky network that delete series links for their shows off people’s mysky planners. I had noticed that the links to shows like CSI and McLeod’s Daughters were mysteriously vanishing off my series links. Have you noticed it too?  The tech said it was all very hush hush and that you could get an adapter from DSE to stop it.

Now I do know if this is true or not.  It certainly is true that the series link function does start to miss some shows over time and you need to reboot the mysky box to restore them.  I haven’t checked in the past is the deleted series links are just from the free to air channels.  Has anyone else been keeping check and/or know if this is true or false?

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